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House Of Cultivar

*Grandevo PTO


*Pyrethrum TR (for pest maintenance)
*Safer brand garden fungicide (for fungal prevention)
*Clonex (cloning)

*In 2019 OGZ will be switching from Pyrethrum TR to Pyganic crop protection EC II 


(will be moving to pesticide free soon)

Buddy Boy Farms

*Actinovate AG
*Neem Oil
*Baccilus Thuriengensis (a natural bacteria)
*Beauvaria Bassiana
*PFR 97
*Essential Oils

Top Shelf

*Clonex: Rooting Compound
*Essentria: Soil Drench

         (Rosemary, geraniol and Peppermint oil)
*Gnartrol WDG: Bacillus Thuringiensis

         (Organic Production)
*Nature-Cide: Cedarwood oil & Cinnamon Oil
*Neemix 4.5: Neem Oil
*Nuke'em: Citric Acid (Vitamin C)
*Regalia: OMRI rated organic plant extract
*Safer Insect Killing Soap:

         Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids

*Trilogy: Neem oil, Refined Organic

Botanica Seattle

SPOT Edibles:

*Emerald Twist:

       No Pesticides, all natural predators, Clean green certified

Mr. Moxey's Mints, Journeyman, Goodship *winterized

*Craft Cannabis: Grandevo, Regalia

*Cultivar: Grandevo PTO, Regalia, Nukem and Venerate


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